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SELEKT off Feed

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For inappetant cows. Based on SELEKT Fresh Cow 500, but with potassium to compensate for anorexia, and gentian root to stimulate the appetite. Provides vital nutrients and supports the rumen flora.

Key Points

  • Contains calcium propionate, which will correct hypocalcaemia and provide a glucogenic energy substrate.
  • Contains potassium to reverse hypokalaemia, which is a common finding in inappetant cows and cows affected by a displaced abomasum.
  • SELEKT Off Feed contains 50g of yeast in each sachet to promote the multiplication of cellulolytic bacteria and the utilization of lactate, and reduce the production of lactate.
  • Contains magnesium to stimulate cellulose digestion, which will in turn increase appetite.
  • There are anecdotal reports that gentian root, which is included in SELEKT Off Feed, promotes appetite.

785g pack of 12